Positive Place Place Leads To Positive Outcomes
Positive Place Place Leads To Positive Outcomes

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Sayed Farooq
Sayed Farooq
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Live The workplace is an essential aspect of an individual's life, and it plays a crucial role in shaping their personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons why the workplace is important:

Professional Development: The workplace provides an environment for professional growth and development. It offers opportunities for employees to learn new skills, acquire knowledge, and gain experience, which can help them progress in their careers.

Social Interaction: The workplace is a social environment where individuals can interact and build relationships with their colleagues. These social interactions help in building teamwork, enhancing communication skills, and improving morale and motivation.

Work-Life Balance: The workplace can contribute significantly to an individual's work-life balance. A positive work environment with supportive colleagues and management can help individuals maintain a healthy work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and better mental health.

Financial Stability: The workplace provides individuals with the means to support themselves and their families financially. It provides a regular source of income and benefits, which can contribute to a sense of financial security and stability.

Contribution to Society: The workplace contributes to society by providing goods and services that meet the needs of the community. It also generates tax revenues, which can be used to support public services and infrastructure.

Overall, the workplace is an essential aspect of an individual's life, and it plays a vital role in shaping their personal and professional growth. A positive work environment can lead to increased job satisfaction, better mental health, and improved work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and success in both personal and professional life.

Hamed Al Mur
Hamed Al Mur
IT specialist and Media agency Owner Sultanate of Oman

Dear Mr. Farooq,

Based on my interactions with you, I can confidently say that you possess exceptional technical knowledge in media engineering and software development. Your expertise in these areas has been evident in the quality of work you have produced and the impact you have made in your previous projects.

Moreover, your ability to serve as a consultant in broadcasting programs has been impressive. Your insights and recommendations have helped organisations achieve their goals by optimising their processes and improving their workflows.

Yasar Arabath
Yasar Arabath
Assistant Manager at Citi

Farooq’s Knowledge and expertise: He is expert and capable to managing people.

He is very active and soft minded

Docteur Deirdre (Dee) d’ALTON-PEREZ
Docteur Deirdre (Dee) d’ALTON-PEREZ
Spécialisée MBA Marketing/Management Business

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being the professor of Mr. Sayed for several months during the intensive courses we worked on together, in his group, for his business leadership project in MBA English.

It is firstly, needless to say that his level in spoken and written English is excellent, as are his public speaking arts in communication and expression.

Secondly, his capacity of analysis and psychology as group leader and coach in organizing, respecting deadlines, being very helpful with the other members of his team and willingness to make everybody succeed, point him out as an exceptional student, manager and person.

Bhukya Upendar
Bhukya Upendar
Chairman , CK NEWS


WE CANT SEE THIS TYPE OF SERVICE midnight also he is respond. Thankyou Farooq sir

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